Friday, May 30, 2008

didn't know that my mind could be tweaked from coin flipping

... but here you have it!


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wow. i'm ahead of a trend!

according to this article, cocktail hats are making a huge comeback

i sketched a series of whimsical cocktail style hats last year! didn't actually get around to illustrating them. perhaps i should! i was going to do them on black illustration board, in metallic inks.

note to self: get on this!!!

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Thursday, May 22, 2008

more paintings i'd forgotten about...

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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Main Hoon Na

(that's a movie)
(have no idea what the title means)
(one of the weirdest movies i've ever seen)

Mike saw 5 minutes of this film on TV, and it looked like a Matrix inspired movie shot in India. So he added it to the ZipList so that we could watch the whole thing.

Indeed, the first few minutes were drama and action and a few Matrix-y moves. (i said that this was the Kmart version of the Matrix) Then there was the dramatic deathbed confession. Then the army major got sent to school to play a student to protect a girl and find his long lost brother. So now we're watching Indian 90210 / 21 Jump Street? Then a big musical number busts out... reminded me of Grease. (holy squid - watch for the long haired leather jacket guy with the plastic guitar who looks like Chong's son) Okay... and the lead dude looks like Ray Romano. And the punk ass kid is inspired by Van Wilder. One of the teachers is so gorgeous that her hair blows around all "Dreamweaver in Wayne's World" style... she's the eastern Catherine Zeta-Jones. There was a bit of Ferris Bueller, a bit of She's All That, a bit of drama, typical teenage stuff like the nerd crushing on the hot girl, a few more Matrix-y shots here & there. A whole bunch of other unintentional reminders of other movies. Damn, I should have made a list at the time.

Big musical numbers pop up at any time for no apparent reason. One of them has flashes of 80's video sets, and shampoo commercial classics.

There are English subtitles, but sometimes they break into english here & there, and it doesn't always quite match the subtitles. amusing. plus there are a few hilarious typos. Does he really want to untie the two countries?

Yes, the hero runs away from an explosion, all backlit from the orange flames. You're not an action star until you leap off a roof toward a helicopter.

To top it all off, this film had possibly the best ending credits ever. The cast danced around (another big musical number) holding signs (or t-shirts or newspapers) with their names on. Then we see the crew with their signs. I really like seeing the crew. It's easy to forget how many people work on a film, and they bust their asses too.

In short: Weirdest Film I've Seen This Year, and Totally Awesome.

Believe it or not, I've not given away much of the movie. please rent this. it's a blast!!! even if it's fully 3 hours long. those musical numbers add up.

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Thursday, May 15, 2008

the coolest clock i've ever seen

click to watch the video

a clock with over 150 hands? yes. it makes no sense unless you watch the video. the hours appear and disappear, so you can tell the hour and approximately the half hour, but not every minute.

and really, isn't that close enough?

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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Your Mother needs a slap for not raising you right

article that i'd forgotten i had written

i've forgotten a lot of the articles & things i've written... shame on me.

link to an archive of articles i wrote quite a while ago for, Outreach Connection, a blurb for Reader's Digest, and various websites. (ignore the contact page, that is tragically out of date)

i just wish that interview i did with Pink was still online. that was a riot. ha - found it! found the microcassette it was transcribed from the other day... no way to play it though. what's that worth on eBay?

i often have random brilliant (to me) ideas for articles & columns & features, but just haven't had the time to write much lately. Perhaps someday I'll catch up.

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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

can't breathe... laughing too hard...

Worst Album Covers EVER

scroll through and note the covers with the many armed drummer, the mullet king, the glitter... is that a track suit? and much much worse...

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Sunday, May 11, 2008

restoring my faith in humanity

click for article

Home run hit over the fence. Batter runs, twists knee. It's against the rules for her own team to help her around the bases, so the opposing team steps in. THIS is what sports should be teaching kids. I love it.


Saturday, May 10, 2008


We have one lone tulip in our garden...

Friday, May 09, 2008

more paintings i'd forgotten about...

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so beautiful, so odd...

i love the Steampunk look. if only it weren't so expensive, complicated, and uncomfortable.

everyone looks like they've been dressed for a movie set - and likely a movie i'd want to see. Futuristic Victorian... what's not to love?

i desperately need some of those sunglasses / goggles with the side bits. let me know if you find them anywhere.

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once again, lack of budget forces creativity

Click for article

No money for a camera crew? No worries... a Manchester band played in front of surveillance cameras, then through the Freedom of Information Act, requested the footage. It's actually quite an interesting video, and very timely.

I find it fascinating that some of the most creative projects seem to evolve from lack of money, lack of time, lack of resources. It forces people to rethink everything they've ever thought. To reconstruct and cobble bits together. To blend old fashioned and new fashioned in seemingly odd ways.

Restrictions are food for your creativity. Like being forced to eat your broccoli.

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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Online Graffiti

This is far too amusing... go to then enter whatever website you like.

It lets you use gold (or silver or black) spraypaint or marker to deface the website.

Childish? Yes! Hilarious? Yes! Something funny to leave on coworkers screens if they leave their computer unlocked? Muah ha ha haaaaaa...

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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

apparently, it's not illegal to deface money Canada.

Click for $5 TRON

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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

video of "the true artist"

take a good look at what he's painting...

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you can NEVER take a joke too far...

just when you think a gag is awesome, add programs, a jumbotron, and a blimp...

click for Improv Everywhere's "Best Game Ever"

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Friday, May 02, 2008

Beer Comments

Wellington urquell is malty and mellow... Perfect patio beer. Medium body, nearly sweet flavour. I could drink 77 of these if it were socially acceptable.


this note will self destruct....

Xerox has invented a special new paper. You print on it, read the print, then toss it in a stack... and print on it again in 24 hours after the ink has disappeared.

click for article

Funny, I was discussing self destructing books with an author just a few days ago. Since avid readers are always facing bookshelf issues, books should self destruct in two years. That's plenty of time to read, reread, and pass the book around to friends.


colour theory is your friend

Restaurant review of The Harbord Room

They mention the restaurant is painted an odd pink colour.
According the the photo and description "Pepto Bismol pink", it sounds like it's very close to Baker-Miller pink. A colour which promotes calm, diffuses aggression, and... SUPPRESSES APPETITE!

Nice pick there folks. Good thinking.


Thursday, May 01, 2008

secret passages!

Wow. Someday when I have money, I shall hire these people to install spinning bookcases and secret passages...



paintings i had forgotten all about...

this is what happens when i take a moment to clean up files...

Funk Cells

What's the Name of that New Planet?


Va-Whoosh! (Birth of Planets)

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