Thursday, January 17, 2008

creation in all forms

i haven't been painting lately, and it's been bubbling under my skin... it feels like something is off. but i've had adrenaline whiplash from Saturday's big show, and before that i was rehearsing like crazy, and sick... it's always something.

it's time to get cracking though - spring art festivals, i need to do more shows in cafes & restaurants, i need to get the nerve to submit to galleries (i have a HUGE mental block about that).

to start off, this week/weekend i'm just going to paint for the pure fun of it, with P-Funk cranked and the good irish cream coffee in hand. i have sketches for some really fun little heart themed paintings - just before Valentine's Day, so it's perfect! Instead of an overpriced Hallmark card, i think it would be far nicer to give heart-art to your sweetie. or to yourself! a symbol of love in your home is a good thing. (yeah, i know... i wear too much black to be a hippie, so what the hell is going on, right?)

anywhoo... i'll be posting Valentine Heart Art paintings next week. cheap & cheerful! please give me a shout if you're thinking about picking one up, and you could request a certain colour combo.

in writing news, i really need to get this new spoken word CD recorded & finished, but i feel like there are a few more pieces i need to write. just don't know what they are yet. hmmm.

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