Friday, September 02, 2016

Art: Part 2 - Visuals

I have always painted, drawn, doodled, created things that were visually expressive to me. Then I spent 3 years in college studying art history, typography, colour theory, composition, layout, and the ways of commercial art, graphic design, and visual communication.

Years passed, I was busy with work, running a zine, websites, moving to Toronto and falling in love with this city. I finally started painting again, this time in a very different style. It took a few years to evolve, but I hit upon a method of painting that was incredible enjoyable to do, and other people seemed to like it too. A friend was stunned once when I admitted that I've sold over 100 paintings. That doesn't necessarily mean they're good, just that it's a popular style that people want to hang in their homes. Happy hippie art. Abstracts with stuff in them. Dr. Seuss meets Miro.

But then I started assisting a friend with lighting. There is a lot of tech involved, and I really don't take to fighting with gear, but I learned, I listened, I fought through it. Then he took on the technical part of the visual projections at a monthly event, and I was able to concentrate on content - creating video clips, using samples, and mixing the projections live. Suddenly everything clicked - live visual performance art. This is what I've been wanting to do forever. Then that monthly event stopped running. Drat.

Now I want to VJ at least once a month, but there just aren't a lot of venues set up for it, or events that can pay a VJ (at least enough to cover my expenses & Uber home at 3am). Hopefully I'll find another regular gig again soon!

My vimeo page:

Next time - Photography!

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At 8:48 AM , Blogger Light said...

Excellent! I also know the interesting Video Mapping project!


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