Sunday, July 22, 2007

any iPhone fans in the house?

if so, please watch this:

Monday, July 16, 2007

tomorrow / tuesday night!

Coffeehouse Cabaret - Spoken Word & Music Open Stage
Tuesday, July 17 at 9:00 pm SHARP
at the Renaissance Cafe
1938 Danforth Avenue
One block West of the Woodbine Subway station
Featuring: Timothy Carter
Hosted by Mike Bryant

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

two new paintings

Purple Seed Hopes to Grow Up to be a Martini

12" x 12", acrylic ink on canvas, note the pearl inks follow the light.

Purple Seed Hopes to Grow Up to be a pair of Motorcycle Boots

12" x 12", acrylic ink on canvas, note the pearl inks follow the light.

And the two of them together (please note that colour is totally off...
that is a cream coloured carpet, believe it or not...
(see photo of 3 Seeds in the gallery at for slightly more accurate colour)

how does $150 for the pair sound?

Saturday, July 07, 2007

cool shows this week!

SUNDAY - WordJam is always a blast - Poetry & Music Fusion.
info at: CLICK

MONDAY - Scream In High Park! the yearly literary extravaganza - finally featuring Canada's greatest poet & performer Shane Koyczan
info at:

TUESDAY - Koyczan vs. The World (ie. all of the Toronto Slam Poets) He hasn't slammed in 3 years, so he's out to kick everyone's ass. :)
info at:

also, please mark Tuesday August 28th in your dayplanner. you are attending a show at 8pm. you cannot miss it. you will be informed soon. muah ha haaaaa

are you watching some of the Live Earth coverage today? if so, please put your actions where your interest is - do something good for the earth today! flush the toilet a few less times, use a rag instead of a paper towel, turn off the water when brushing your teeth, check the list of what's recycleable in your area, take a quicker shower, wash your laundry in cold, walk instead of taking the car, bring your own bag to the market... just a few wee things.

it's easy to get overwhelmed and not see these things as making a difference. it's easy to get super busy and forget the little things. but making some of the little things into habits is where we start. it doesn't have to be "rocket surgery". :)

Friday, July 06, 2007

the painting sale continues - with more details

perhaps some people are shy about emailing for more information. so i'll post a few specific examples. i am determined to clear out more of the older paintings to create some space in my studio for new work - so i'm willing to let these pieces go for severe discounts.

if you're looking for something in a particular colour or style, or at a certain price point, please email cynthia.gould AT gmail DOT com and let me know. i'll send you a list of links to look at. no obligation!!!

here is a small section of the list...

*** Original Paintings for just $50 ***

Sixties Mod Red
12" x 12", ink on canvas
Blue is Sold, Red still For Sale - (previously $75 each)

10" x 10", ink & acrylic on canvas
(previously $80)

*** Original Painting for just $100 ***

Poison Candies
20" x 20" canvas, watercolour & ink
previously $200
(this photo is bit washed out, the "dotcom" is not really on the painting.)

*** Original Painting for just $175 ***

Mystic Stones
30" x 24" canvas, watercolour, ink
previously around $325

all sales cash, and must be picked up by one of two convenient subway stations.
thanks for looking! email for more info!

Thursday, July 05, 2007


i've rejigged some things on my main site ( so that people are directed here for their blogging entertainment.

i'm trying to improve my memory, so i'll be blogging more here to file wonderful weblinks, ideas, and connections for easy reference.

have just come across an advertising opportunity in a wonderful toronto magazine - small colour display ad for $300. i don't have the money right now, but since i'm not spending money on art shows or other promo this summer, it might be a good idea. any thoughts?