Saturday, July 07, 2007

cool shows this week!

SUNDAY - WordJam is always a blast - Poetry & Music Fusion.
info at: CLICK

MONDAY - Scream In High Park! the yearly literary extravaganza - finally featuring Canada's greatest poet & performer Shane Koyczan
info at:

TUESDAY - Koyczan vs. The World (ie. all of the Toronto Slam Poets) He hasn't slammed in 3 years, so he's out to kick everyone's ass. :)
info at:

also, please mark Tuesday August 28th in your dayplanner. you are attending a show at 8pm. you cannot miss it. you will be informed soon. muah ha haaaaa

are you watching some of the Live Earth coverage today? if so, please put your actions where your interest is - do something good for the earth today! flush the toilet a few less times, use a rag instead of a paper towel, turn off the water when brushing your teeth, check the list of what's recycleable in your area, take a quicker shower, wash your laundry in cold, walk instead of taking the car, bring your own bag to the market... just a few wee things.

it's easy to get overwhelmed and not see these things as making a difference. it's easy to get super busy and forget the little things. but making some of the little things into habits is where we start. it doesn't have to be "rocket surgery". :)


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