Sunday, June 06, 2010

more gardening!

friday victoria came over for a cocktail & to dig up a bunch of shade loving plants from the back jungle to fill in her shady front yard. hope that most of it transplants well!

today, after a lovely lunch with the in-laws, we stopped at a garden centre & found scotch moss and irish moss. since i'm part scottish & part irish, they're both now planted in the back and they had better get along! also planted some weird silvery groundcover in one corner, and the thyme will have to wait until tomorrow night, along with transplanting lots of creeping jenny to a new spot. ripped out a ton of goutweed. going to be a long process. i'll have to clear a path for the new groundcovers weekly, and keep transplanting things. hopefully this summer will be a turning point for the jungle, if i can put in at least 2 hours a week.

the front garden is still doing well - the iris is done, but the huge orange lily should be due to bloom in a week or two. everything else is cruising along well, and there are lots of flowers. it's a big happy mess of interesting things.

mother in law brought us a layered planter thingy full of at least 8 types of herbs. combined with what i already have, the patio is officially an herb & salad garden! the oregano-rosemary-basil risotto tonight shall be epic. what does purple basil taste like? we'll like test drive that later this week.


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