Tuesday, June 13, 2006


stolen from Marie-Pier's newsletter

There were two woodcutters named John and Mel working under a timber merchant. They both used to go early in the morning to the forest to cut wood and then return by evening. However, they both worked differently. John would slog for ten hours to cut a tree and pile up the wood blocks. But Mel would go in the forest for hours together and would come late, but within two to three hours he would cut and collect more wood than John.

John always wondered how Mel was able to cut so much wood in such a short time which he could not match even after slogging for so many hours.

So one day John went to Mel and asked him how he could achieve so much in such a short time. Whether he possessed any magical powers?

Mel said “There is nothing magical about it. I sharpen my axe for 4 hours in the forest, and do the cutting in two or three hours.”

THAT is a great analogy as to why my paintings seem to go so fast. if i take enough downtime, i'm well balanced enough to let paintings just fall out.


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