Tuesday, July 04, 2017

June - what did I get done?

- June 8th I recorded a podcast for "JR talks to people", which should be online soon.
- June 10th I posted a new short story online under my pen name
- June 18th I posted the longest short story I've done yet (12,659 words) under my pen name
- June 20th I completed a video editing project that was recorded a year ago, had some extensive additions and revisions, then the author's book cover was delayed until a few weeks ago. It's finally completed. Now I have a great sample video in case other poets and author's are interested in shooting video of their work. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2bQhVrBYw5Q
- June 21st I posted the first chapter in a free series on Wattpad
- Due to timing, I've only been getting to hot yoga once or twice a week, and usually the 60 minute classes. June 20-26 I survived a 90 minute class every other day. I can already feel my core gaining strength!
- The book outline for Never Be Yourself is sketched, and the cover designed. These are both subject to change as the project progresses, but I need these things in place to make the project seem more urgent. My current timeline has the project going live on October 3rd.
- June 24th I began submitting photos on Fotolia / Adobe Stock. I take a lot of pics, and see things with the eye of a graphic designer who might need spaces for text, so I am hopeful that some of them will sell.
- June 26-29 I went camping. Long hikes and staying calm through mosquito torture is good for me.
- I published 3 erotica short stories, and am steadily gaining social media followings for my pen name.