Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Life Report

Yesterday I sold 4 copies of my short stories on Spanish Amazon. Neat.

In the past week:
- I've posted May's free stuff at my Patreon account, been brainstorming, going to revamp the whole thing to make it more coherent.
- Worked on an author video that was done last year but had some final changes, and it's tricky editing when I don't understand the language. Interesting.
- Been working on my own little adventure video - recording voiceovers is sort of fun.
- Working on two new short stories, designed the two covers, brainstorming next three stories.
- Gathering materials to get a mini design portfolio online soon
- Posted first Fiverr gig. Just starting, still researching site and prices.
- Booked a band photo shoot... finally I'm the one doing the shooting!
- Edited and posted a selection of nature photos I had taken last fall.
- Sorting photo sets and prepping photo collections / portfolios
- Learned fancy photo scroll trick and a few other things in Muse, the new web design program that I'm learning
- Working on book outline
- Saw Wonder Woman. Really liked it, but I'm not good with war movies. Intense.
- Cleared parts of the garden with much help from others (thanks others!), planted the spinach and lettuce sprouts, arranged two planters for front porch with greenery recycled from the back garden.
- My left shoulder has informed me that I'm a total jerkass for gardening so much in one day. My lower back isn't pleased with me either.

Today: Get mini-portfolio and a new story online, start work on 3 websites that must be completed this week. Book graphic design jobs, ANYTHING for ANY amount.


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