Thursday, September 15, 2016

"Be Less Shy Toronto"

"Public Speaking for Shy, Nervous Folks Toronto"

"Stop Being Shy Toronto"

"Be Less Shy Toronto"

"Social Anxiety Toronto"

"Public Speaking for Introverts Toronto"

I've gone from being literally too shy to speak unless spoken to, to being the raunchy wild singer of a rock band. I decided to become a different person, and spent several years rewiring my brain, and changing my reaction to anxiety. I've learned many things on my path from shy to screamer, and I can help you.

When I say "public speaking", I don't mean that everyone needs to be able to address a crowd of thousands. Maybe you just need to ask a question in class, speak to your crush beyond "hi", or tell the server you're allergic to fish. For extremely shy people, it's truly difficult to speak up and speak out - but I know how to get you there, without any traumatic fire walks or freaking you out.

If you're interested in a one hour workshop in a relaxed, low stress environment, please email me - when I have 10 people, I'll organize it.

We'll discuss:
- the science of fear
- the logic and illogicalness of shyness
- how to speak to strangers
- how to speak in public
- simple exercises so that you can babystep your way to becoming a more outgoing person

If you want to take that first step to becoming more comfortable in this world, being able to speak out when you really need to, please email immediately!


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