Monday, July 25, 2016

Monday July 25

First off, I'm still typing "June" all of the time. Trippy.

It's been three & a half weeks since I sprained my ankle, and although I have been steadily healing, it's super annoying having to think about every time I have to walk more than 10 steps. The lurchy subway is a hassle, and I'm very greatful to people who jump up to offer the gal with the cane a seat. Interestingly, only once has a man in a business suit offered a seat. Often it's middle aged women, but at least 70% of the time it's been Asian people. I hope that positive stereotypes are permitted, because I'm just going to say it - if a 3.5 week informal study is any indication, Asian people have better manners when it comes to offering a seat to cane-using people. Thank you nice folks!

When I'm done with this cane, I'm going to really watch oncoming passengers and jump up if I see anyone with a cane or other bothersome balancing issue. I encourage everyone to look up from their phones / books / newspapers at stops to check for anyone who really needs a seat. Balance is extremely hard for some, especially first thing in the morning.

It's been interesting realizing how uncomfortable I am asking for help. I have no problem asking for assistance for the band, or parties and events, or projects, but if it's personally for me, I just cannot do it unless I have no other option. Luckily, I am surrounded by wonderful people who fetch me water, remind me to put my foot up, and otherwise bully me into healing faster. I am extremely lucky.

This forced downtime has enabled me to think about some upcoming creative projects. I'm slowly getting into video more, so stay tuned for some (hopefully) interesting things!

My monthly VJ gig (Subspace) has retired, so that has freed up a lot of time. Also, since I stepped down as interim Director of the Art Bar Poetry Series when it retired on June 28th, I suddenly have even more "free" time. I might actually get to sit on patios in August! And clean the art room so that I can paint again!

Oh, the possibilities are endless...