Friday, May 13, 2016

A very strange bio...

I am digging through some poetry files, looking for what to read at my Art Bar feature next Tuesday, and found this bio:

Random Facts about Cynthia Gould:

- According to Hazmat Agfa, she painted a fine 1971-era Science Fiction novel cover that adorns his living room wall. Oh, and she cured boredom. That was cool.

- She is the singer-guitarist of Toronto's most shamefully filthy but hilarious drunk rock band High Heels Lo Fi.

- She married Rock & Roll at the Elvis chapel in Las Vegas

- She's working on a new book of poetry, so if you know of any good local publishers who are actually accepting new submissions this spring, please let her know ASAP

- She sleeps with a dagger under her bed

These are all true things. But strange that I would use this list as a spoken word bio? ha!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016


My brain tweaked this morning, and I vaguely recalled an inspirational article I read ages ago. Thanks internet, here it is - Meet The Extropians in Wired magazine.

Futurism, Transhumanism, and much food for thought...

"The principles themselves are five in number: Boundless Expansion, Self-Transformation, Dynamic Optimism, Intelligent Technology, and Spontaneous Order. They make up the handy Extropian acronym: BEST DO IT SO!"

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