Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Artsy Summertime

High Heels Lo Fi is playing with Less Than Three and Urban Canal in Brantford on Saturday August 23 at Therapy Lounge - 16 Market Street. If you're in the neighbourhood, come on out!
Our next Toronto show is Friday August 29th at Amsterdam Bicycle Club (54 The Esplanade - beside Old Spaghetti Factory). We have the whole night, there will be surprises and special guests - don't miss it! Facebook Event here.

I am performing spoken word features in August and September - stay tuned for details
I'll be trying to sell paintings like crazy for the next few months (house construction bills - OUCH!), so please stay tuned to and my Facebook group for postings. Or email me - I can do a special piece in the size / style / colours you're looking for.

Monday, July 14, 2014

GT Shand Contracting

Short version: Don't hire these people if you would like quality work in a timely fashion.
GT Shand Contracting, GT Shand Roofing, G.T. Shand Contractors, East York, Toronto
Will this be a positive or negative review? That will depend on whether they get the work done before July 30th. This project has been lagging, but they seem to be back on track, and working every day.
UPDATE - AUGUST 11th: They told me (again) the door would be on the room last Wednesday or Thursday. Nope. This project has taken TWELVE WEEKS and they don't even come every day. There are few pieces left to go - if the team just came and worked hard for 2 days, it would be totally done.

UPDATE - AUGUST 16th: Trevor phoned me yesterday saying that he would be here at 9am today and finish up all of the leftover bits of the job. It's 11:57 and they're not here. Surprised? I'm not.

UPDATE - AUGUST 18th: Nobody showed up today. Did I mention this project started MAY 21st, and has been "nearly done" for over a month? They just won't come finish the job.

The job was finally finished August 20th. That's 13 weeks. Some of the work was extremely shoddy - I had to have my handman friend rehang the door. I'm no expert, but I shouldn't have to fling my entire bodyweight at a door to bash it open, right? There are holes that need filling, the door needs to be sealed with outdoor paint, there are many things I'll have to do myself.

I'll post photos of some of the crappier bits of the job when I have a chance. I'm still recovering from this completely shittastic ordeal.

Speed - Quality - Price
They say no matter what the project, pick two. Hmmm. How about one? I guess the price was okay... if the room doesn't fall apart.

Monday, July 07, 2014

Show Sat. July 12

Come out to see High Heels Lo Fi at Rancho on Saturday night! Guaranteed to be a helluva party!