Thursday, March 27, 2014

NEWS March 2014

The big news in High Heels Lo Fi land is that we're recording a 5 song EP, which will be released April 25th at our event. We're only making 100 - limited edition!

High Heels Lo Fi is entered in the CBC Searchlight contest - please click here then listen to Big Dumb Rock Song, and click the blue VOTE button. You don't need to sign up for anything, and you can vote every day. Thank you!

I've been learning a lot about lighting tech the past year or so - if any bands or events need kick ass lighting for a gig, email me and let's chat!

I'm also excited to be taking a lot more photos lately. My camera isn't the best in the world, but hopefully my quirky eye makes up for that. Shooting bands is tricky anyway, what with their running around and rocking out instead of all holding their eyes open at the same time :) Check out my Flickr page to check out the latest.

I'm looking forward to spring cleaning my art room so I have a better space to paint and write - might be a full weekend project. The trick is finding a weekend that isn't totally jammed. When did life get this busy? And don't I say that every year? And doesn't it get worse every year? I'm not complaining - my life is wildly stuffed with AWESOME. But it's all very strange.