Friday, January 24, 2014

My Guitars

My first guitar was a dark cherry-black Steinberger - pretty much like this one:

Her name was Black Cherry, and athough she had amazing low action, it still tore my wee virgin hands to shreds trying to learn open chords and Johnny Cash songs.

But she was secondhand, so it soon became time to buy my very first new guitar. Off I went to Steve's Music, and there she was:

Gorgeous. Sorta rocker, sorta gothy. Easy to play. Sounded great, and I could afford her. Her name is Baby Cherry Honey... those are all of the names the Jesus & Mary Chain use for women.

Then one fateful night, the final winesoaked evening of the Renaissance Cafe (*tear*), Bluegrass Burt sold me a burgundy Epiphone for $100. She's a sweetie. Build like a tank, sounds like pure rock & roll. What to name an evil red seductress? Lizzie Borden Merlot.

(Yeah, we dressed up as KISS The PINK for Halloween once.)

Last year I received a text from Doug with a photo - holy crap, this guitar is on sale & would be perfect for you! And she was - an Epiphone hollowbody in a weird dark pink. Rockabilly time! The white trim and orangey knobs were hella fugly, I fixed that - she now has black trim & chrome skull knobs. Much better. Her name is Pinky Fucsadero.

These are all electric guitars. I bought my sister's lovely Ibanez acoustic, and had NO idea what to name her. She is warm, and mellow, and gorgeous and homey... sort of like the girl next door. And she is a walnutty brunette, whereas all of my other girls are gingers.

Ah. Her name is Maryanne.

I've been playing her more often lately, and will soon be hitting open mics & singer-songwriter whatnots. If you want to see what she looks like, you'll have to come out. :)

Friday, January 17, 2014

well. hello there, 2014!

Bits & Pieces: - I've finally gotten all of my weblinks in a row ( i hope that's all of them) at the top of - Have been writing a slew of new songs, some for myself, and some for High Heels Lo Fi - Did my first poetry / spoken word performance of the year, and was reminded how much I love it. I need to get a few features booked this year to force me to work on new material! I seem to work best to deadlines. - I need business cards. argh.