Wednesday, August 31, 2011

i guess i should blog at least ONCE in August

- High Heels Lo Fi played Aug 13th at Rancho Relaxo (Toronto), 16th at The Art Bar at Clinton's (Toronto), 20th at The Richmond Tavern (London)
- new video here:
- i'm doing the 3 Day Novel Contest labour day weekend. this is going to be a very weird mash up of interconnected stories, the 7 deadly sins, rock & roll, and possibly hard core pr0n if i get brave. for ranting & insanity
- my to-do list is trying to eat me. no more favours, no more doing ANYTHING that isn't either already on the list, or involves sitting on a patio relaxing. i'm at the edge!
- having said that, i really hope we get to record a few songs this fall! excited!
- keep the evening of oct. 22 open, just in case THE MOST AMAZING NIGHT EVER is booked. (yeah, i'm a tease - don't you read the bathroom walls?)