Tuesday, March 08, 2011

i've been feeling really strange lately.

some of it is due to severe stress whiplash. my body can NOT handle surprise stress, and every two or three weeks this year i've been getting a whammy.

some of it is due to shrinking, and my body not being where i left it. it's great, but it's also totally strange. i feel awkward and a little chilly. every time someone looks at me for more than a second i get fidgety.

some of it is due to the underlying murky unformed realization that this is going to be a very important year.

i'm transforming somehow, but i don't know what i'm becoming. i'm unfocused and ill at ease. and... wondering.

on the other hand, i'm having a brilliantly fantastic time with a bunch of great humans, so really i'm absolutely great.