Monday, August 23, 2010


epic & long, trying to remember

just moved in to new apartment, and decorating as i was finding out where everything was. washing machine was in the kitchen, and drained into kitchen sink. but dryer was in another room. painting sitting room light gray and accenting with bright green and teal. bedroom was a warm soft gray and bits of hot pink. i think amanda was helping me paint at one point. there were many other rooms i'd keep accidentally finding. there were four stovetops, each with 4 burners but smaller than the last, and they were on shelves over top one another. there were weird shelves everywhere... tons of storage. and many coloured glass knickknacks.

the party was a networking event of some type, and took place around 5 the afternoon we moved in. i still hadn't been outside to see the amazing glass wraparound balcony.

my mother was there, with a light gray greyhound. she was trying to imply that the dog was staying here, and i told her hell no - i'm allergic, remember? and i'm not living in a place with a big dog, they freak me out & terrify me. why don't you remember that?

found a small back room with a warm brown cork floor and a bathtub and water pipes and hoses. maybe i could use this as a painting room? there was no sink, but i could have used the tub. there were burnt-orange towels & face cloths. the scientists there were afraid i'd overheard something secret and wanted me to get out. wrapped a towel around my head at one point.

near the entrance of this sprawling apartment was a series of doors... the elevator area was sort of inside our apartment, and led to two others. needed a pass card to travel around the building. did my aunts leave me a card? wanted to check make sure it worked. aunts from sabrina the witch - they were putting protection spells on the doors.

i checked out another part of the building, but read my door number wrong and ended up on floor 700 and something. the lobby area was all deep peach and mocha, with soft white trim. i was walking barefoot along pathways that felt like sculptured sand. white sculpturework everywhere. looking up was like looking into the future of roman antiques. gigantic and glorious. nice older gentleman saw that i looked lost and explained the numbering system. i was way down on floor 70-3049 so that's why my floor, which was ridiculously grand, wasn't nearly as grand as floor 700. imagine what the penthouse would look like!

i settled into the bench in the elevator, which was more like sitting on stair steps. very scared, tried to shut eyes and stay calm, since i'm sure my aunts put safety spells on this place and it was likely a magical elevator anyway. it travelled sideways for a while, then descended, first slowly then at ludicrous speed.

i made it back to my apartment, and finally out to check the balcony. it was the beach, filled with people. everyone had pillows and blankets and had staked out a lounge area for themselves. who's that gordon something-something guy from third rock & inception? he was a friend of mine, he was there. i was smoking in the gorgeous sunshine and trying not to let ashes fall onto anyone's pillow.

it couldn't have been a real beach - it was still inside the building. it was canned sunshine, but it almost felt real.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Labour Day Weekend - Saturday Night @ the Bovine!

Two weeks from tonight, we're playing at the Bovine Sex Club! Yes, it's Labour Day weekend and some non-party people are going up north. So... cottageless people unite! Rise up and come to this show before 10pm, and party like hell with us! Bring friends you haven't been out with in a while!