Sunday, May 30, 2010

life update!

gardening! planted hens & chicks, coleous (sp?) & some little red thingys in the front garden, and a bunch of creeping jenny & other vines over the rotted wooden beam. hopefully it will thicken up & diguise the beam & we can wait until next year to replace it. picked up a whack of herbs, salad greens & peppers for a patio garden - that's the spot that gets the most sun, and is right by the kitchen door, so that's handy. yesterday we cleared a lot of branches, bamboo, sumac, and who knows what from the back jungle, and you can see a path again. keen. much more to do - going to be a busy june.

the band! our show thursday was fantastic, and i actually felt really comfy singing... i'm always better when i'm barefoot & have a bunch of great friends in the crowd. our next gig is june 20th at buddies in bad times, and it's going to be a huge event - we're opening for The Ruby Spirit (formerly Sadie May Crash) and there's a whack of burlesque dancers, musicians, and a ton of fun! hoping to get a new original and a new sort-of-cover ready for that one.

work! the day job is crazily busy. holy squid. but the people are logical and reasonable, and during the mega-workload of the past two weeks i've been extremely glad i got the hell out of advertising. busy is fine, psychos are not. cannot deal with both at once. so huzzah for sane people and a good day job!

recreation! we've been watching buffy & angel. (watched the buffy series a few years ago, but not angel. now we're watching both in the order they first aired) it's mellow.

now! burgers & cocktails on the patio with my cute husband!

Thursday, May 27, 2010


My iris bloomed this morning!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

this month's blog entry, i guess. and BIG SHOW next week!

wow, i haven't been updating much. short version: life & work both kicking my butt 9 ways to sunday, and i don't even know what that expression means.

bridesmaidmania was AMAZING: photos here -

NXN2 is coming up fast - details here -

the garden is also coming up - i don't know what half of these green things are, so i pull out some and water some and stare at some. trying very hard to carve out 15 minutes for the front garden every week. eeek.

um... what else? High Heels Lo Fi now has band t-shirts, which will be available at our show on Thurs. May 27th. that's pretty fun. I've never worn my own band t-shirt before, and i know you're not supposed to wear your own shirt because it makes you "that guy" and totally uncool... guess what? i'm uncool. deal with it. i'm a doorknob. you should know that by now.

okay... that's my life. now back to work!