Monday, November 23, 2009


Was burnt out on Sunday, so made a couple of silly videos.



Then again, maybe one of us WON'T...

In other news, we're all so excited about Saturday's gig that we might bust. That would be messy. Please consult for show details. short version - Kathedral, Queen & Bathurst, we're on at 9pm sharp.

Monday, November 09, 2009

don't have time to slow down even when i'm flattened...

i had SO much to get done this weekend, but woke up half paralyzed saturday morning with my back wrenched. it takes something like that to get me spending quality time stretching on the floor. sad. was so stoned on painkillers that my legs were heavy and my fingers were hilarious. and then laughing was hilarious. then everything was hilarious.

this saturday the bandlings & i have our first "far enough away that we need to stay over" show. some sort of landmark. i've performed spoken word in London, but music is bigger-better-different. very excited. and amused. and constantly full of glee!!!

just have to get through the two awesome shows this month, then december & january are for songwriting & catching up with the world.