Monday, August 31, 2009

another silly video

Check out this video: We have a gig in Oakville

Monday, August 03, 2009

Hello world

I haven't been blogging much lately. Just random tidbits & funny weblinks or videos that I find. Time for a real update... While I'm on my way to a songwriting date with Miss Mandy. Time is doing extra weird things this summer. Everything is a super rush except for the blissful afternoons of great food, drinks, and conversations with awesome people.
The EP is nearly done - just one more tiny guitar bit then mixing. "Big Dumb Rock Songs" will be available at our show on the 15th. I'm so proud of this project I could bust. I was pretty excited about the first HHLF demo, but the band has totally changed direction over the past few months, and these 5 songs really show what we are now.
But we need some new materials for upcoming gigs, so we'll be crankin out some new tunes this week

I've also been super busy with art bar stuff. There is a lot to be done each week, and I need to overhaul my system so that I don't miss anything. Plus I'm running my yearly theme night on august 18th - the poetic essence of country music. I've booked the most amazing lineup - I'm thrilled that so many wonderful people want to play along!!

What else... Ah yes, I've been painting this weekend for the first time in a while. I've had a comissioned piece on the go that tooka awhile to get crackin because I wa so stupidly stressed out that I couldn't sketch calm. At all. It was freaking me out. I've never had a block like that before. But then, I've never had two big chunks of my hair fall out before, so who know's what's what. But all is truckin now! I think when I get this piece done I might have another clearance sale and try to get rid of every one of my paintings in the house. Clear house, clear mind. Or something :)

In other news, raccoons have ripped open part of the house at the corner of the shed-room. Wtf? We totally have the money to get that fixed. Gak

Almost there... Strawberry margaritas & sunshine & writing!!
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