Monday, November 17, 2008

creativity, it flows like the tides

my time has been insane lately. or should i say, insaner than usual.

i sometimes realize that i only see my friends at spoken word & music events, never over quiet coffee or in someone's living room. it's weird. but the people i'm close with understand that the art comes first.

even though it's been musical art not visual art lately. i can't remember the last time i painted. i hope to fall back into that soon, as it makes me calm, and i feel the need to post new paintings every few months.

stuff with the band are going fantastic. we're rocking away, getting comfy, have a 40 minute set down, the 4 song demo is selling well, and we recorded a holiday song on saturday. just need to mix & add bells.

i'm losing time by being too busy. when i'm tired, i see a free chunk of time as a chance to rest instead of a chance to get caught up on more things. all i can do is pace myself and keep on chipping away at things.

i also need to write 2 new poems by december first for a chapbook project. good grief. that should be interesting. i'll have to lock myself in a coffee shop until something happens.

i also need to be hitting more open mic nights, and performing my songs solo. it's helping me get over The Fear. slowly but surely, tiny baby steps.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Photoshop, but real:

click for awesomeness

it's amazing how much free time some people have!

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