Thursday, August 30, 2007

do you know this couple?

help reunite them with their vacation photos!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

if you missed it last night, you'll cry when i tell you who performed...

That Brown Bastard
Andrew Hunter of
Mike Bryant of
Andrea DeBoer of
Valentino Assenza
Vijay Mehta
Paisley Rae of
Allan Briesmaster
Phlip Arima
David Clink
Taavi Burns, Pelayo Matute & Kirsten Nelson of
Myna Wallin
and the 13 open mic folks.

then four songs from High Heels Lo Fi ( )

have you seen the commercial where the dude is in his car singing badly to Warrant's She's My Cherry Pie on the classic rock radio station, and the girls at the sidewalk cafe give him a weird look, then throw their panties at him? yeah, that dude is Vijay, and he did a KILLER dramatic reading of the song last night. man - i was CRYING i was laughing so hard.

David Clink did the Beatles song Help as a sermon, with Kirsten Sandwich as the choir. David & Pelayo did She Loves You as a conversation between two gruff brits.

Phlip did a punk version of Hair that was hilarious. Allan did Cashmere from the Zep, and All Along the Watchtower, with a mix of seriousness and utter comedy.

Myna Wallin told us some of the history of the song, then ended the night with a poetic interpretation of Stairway to Heaven.

EVERYONE completely knocked it out of the park. i was honoured and dazzled at how seriously everyone took it, and the energy they brought to every single piece.
then there was the 13 folks on the open mic, most were fantastic.

then High Heels Lo Fi took the stage and i just didn't have time to be nervous or even think about anything. i think we played pretty darn well. a few flubbed chords but whatever. when you've only been playing guitar for 7 months and it's your second show, i don't think anyone expects brilliance or perfection. but they did get a great fun time.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A New Creative Marathon

Since I've participated in the Three Day Novel Contest for ten years in a row, it's time for a change this Labour Day weekend. I'm going to have a studio purging & art marathon.

I reserve the right to change my mind and simply drink wine in the garden all weekend, but I do think I'll get some catching up done on the paintings currently in progress. I would truly love to make some progress on the art studio - it's simply insane. Perhaps I'll just set those 15 boxes of books & art supplies out on the porch and someone will take them away for me, and replace them with a shelf. Is there such a thing as a clutter fairy that will just make it all go away? I would buy her wine. The really good stuff. We're talkin' Tedeschi Amarone at $45 a bottle.

Monday, August 20, 2007

honeymoon photos from Quebec City

review of my zine Life So Far

Cynthia Gould it seems, is a genius. Life So Far is proof of this. Issue three of her zine is filled with stunning photography and art, witty journal entries, poetry and random thoughts. It’s a fun, quick read and a great way to keep your sanity during a subway ride to work in the morning.

I am madly in love with the poem buddha at the crosswalk and the photo that accompanies it. As with anything I’ve read of Cynthia’s you need to expected the unexpected and that is exactly what I got with this poem.

‘one heart stand’ is my other favourite from this zine. Cynthia talks about the one heart stands of her past using humour and emotion to catch our attention. And catch it she does.

Whether you enjoy clever writing or are an appreciator of beautiful art, I suggest you pick up this zine. After you have read it, put it on your coffee table with your other coffee table books. This zine deserves to be seen.


um... i guess that means i should get cracking on issue #4?

wow. this is the most brilliant design i've seen in a while...

a bedside table that is also a bat & shield,
in case of night time intruders...

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

please WRITE THIS DOWN!!!!!

there is a show two weeks from tonight and i just booked two more INCREDIBLE performers and the night is going to be STUFFED TO THE BRIM with surprises & hilarity & awesomeness!!!

please write this in your dayplanner!!!! bring your friends!!!! if you only make it out to a few poetry readings a year, THIS IS THE ONE!!!

Sex, Drugs, and Rockin'Poetry
Hostess Cynthia Gould will lead an all star lineup of poets in an exploration of the seedier sides of poetry and the poetic essence of rock lyrics. Open mic readers are strongly encouraged to wear leather pants, and ROCK the open mic with a themed original or a favourite song performed as a poem. (Please bring a couple of song/poems, just in case someone ahead of you does the same piece! Three minute time limit still in effect.)

Tuesday August 28th
8pm SHARP (earlier if you like seats)
Clinton's, 693 Bloor St. West, right near Christie Subway
free. (the hat is passed for donations)

Friday, August 10, 2007

summertime in the overgrown jungle garden

this is the view from my back deck

the rose of sharon tree in the centre has finally bloomed

it's really a jungle back there!

we painted the deck this spring - sort of a mahogany to make the greens pop more

i need to hack back the grass/weird plantlife underfoot and replace with creeping thyme, and trim back pretty much everything else. but i'd rather sit on the deck with a glass of wine and let it grow wild. *grin*