Tuesday, March 20, 2007

status report: project life

notes from the past week:

- 7 days flat out totalled from strep throat
- 3 more days zombiing along at half strength
- some progress on a new large painting for april's art show
- wedding invitations finally designed, and thus begins the long slow task of cutting & assembling & pasting... so far it's about 6 per hour, i hope to increase my speed
- spray glue would work so much better, but my lungs would not appreciate it
- my art studio looks like a craft fair exploded!
- top secret creative project has been slowing down for the past two weeks, but not forgotten. a little work happens every day!
- www.ihaveasecret.com relaunched a week & half ago - did i mention that? please go check it out for arts & music video clips

and last but mostest...

will take place
Saturday May 5, 2007

if you want to come to this year's event, you must subscribe to the email list. details will NOT be posted online anywhere, for security & headcount control.
send a blank email to:
set your settings to "digest" mode if you're worried about email overload.

all righty then.... back to cutting & pasting....

Friday, March 02, 2007

tinfoil time!

the third annual Tinfoil Hat Contest was mentioned on CBC radio this morning, but i couldn't hear it since our neighbourhood had no power. good grief.

but prizes are pouring in, we're likely going to have twice as many competitors as we have room for, and i cannot wait to hear the band live.

i still need to make myself a tinfoil outfit, but that will have to wait until we have lights at home. heh heh.

http://www.funkless.com for all details.
silvery sculpture time in 32 hours!!!