Wednesday, December 27, 2006

you'd think i'd know better by now....

- ton of work for an ongoing team project
- writing & painting & knitting is a constant
- still trying to declutter the art room in small steps
- oh yeah... about 6 months to the wedding! much planning still to do

so... um.... it's a great time to start a completely wild, life consuming new art project in a totally unknown and unnerving medium, right?

and naturally, it must be kept top secret for several months, so i can't even explain why i'm so freaked out from joy and potential i could bounce up and down forever.

please be sure to stay tuned. things are about to get impossibly interesting....

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


i alternate wildly between being a total packrat, and wanting to rid myself of all possessions. however, since the packrat part wins 97% of the time, i'm perpetually sinking in a tornado of STUFF.

the clearing begins.

i think this is why i'm so tired lately - just thinking about the work ahead wears me out.
but i know that clearing the studio will free up my brain to try some new painting styles.

i keep switching grooves - modernist, the ancient fossilization look, designy stuff, loopy watercoloury dreams... my artwork is schizo. what does that say about me?