Wednesday, August 23, 2006

the latest finished pieces

Codes of Green
(photographed on angle to prevent flash glare - the metallic teal shifts to dark blue at various angles)
approx 12" diam., acrylic on canvas
(with secret codes that will mean something to you if you stare at it while drinking 7 bottles of red wine)

i was going to add one more thing but:
"Mike Says it's Done"
12" x 12" square, acrylic on canvas
silver is freaky to photograph but what looks white or gray is actually silver

these two would look really neat together

Codes of Green, Mike Says it's Done, and Purple Swirl are available for the super low price of $100 each if you can pay cash and pick it up from a TTC subway station before August 31st.

Monday, August 14, 2006

painting this weekend...

i'm in the midst of two new pieces, after finishing three small ones last week.
i've also finally found a way for an idea to work properly... it's been rolling around for a while but i couldn't get it to sit right... took some more scribbling and i think i've got it. The Four Elements of Life will be a perfect series for a restaurant or lounge. i'll have to find a place to show them as soon as i have them done.
the commissioned piece i'm working on is coming along nicely but it takes SO long since i can only work on one of the three panels at a time, then have to let it dry. oh well. patience is a virtue and all that rot.
i also can't wait to get cracking on more "fossilized" pieces. maybe i can set that up in another room so that i can work faster.

there will be so many new pieces and ideas this fall... i really have to book a show somewhere!

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