Wednesday, May 31, 2006


i've been puttering on a very simple painting for a long time, because i knew the final details would make it or break it and i was afraid to ruin the canvas if i slipped. i finally told myself that either way, i needed the space so it had to move. and it turned out lovely - it's a very simple but weird piece for me.

i'm going to dig out a few canvases that i've been iffy on and either fix them or paint over them entirely. i have no storage space left - it's time to be ruthless!

Thursday, May 25, 2006

today in the land of not getting any painting done...

it's been a strange week. on the holiday monday i worked on two new mod-ish abstracts... one of a 60's vertical pattern and one of what could be seen as stacked stones. deep jewel tones. i really like where they're going.

but i won't get near the paint again until saturday. it's very obnoxious having to wait.

my first issue of Canadian Art magazine came in the mail today. although i'm addicted to all sorts of magazines, the glossy pages of paintings are what i love the dearest. colours and lines and textures and very weird visual input. eye candy overload is a wonderous thing.

a few years ago when i shared an art studio with a painter near dundas & bathurst, i had an open studio afternoon. several friends came over to check out what i'd been working on lately, hang out in a creative space, and chat. it was extremely good for me in many ways. firstly, it forced me to clean up - which is always a good thing. secondly, it's valuable to have other opinions and viewpoints regarding your art practice. you don't have to agree with someone's opinion, but it forces to you look at things from different angles.

but the most important thing was to look at all of the work i'd done for several months in sort of a linear fashion. i tried this, then i did this, which evolved into that. even with my "style", which is sort of liquid and all over the place, there are directions that take off. elements which are repeated, or that i come back around to when i least expect it.

i welcome insights into my work however they come about.

why am i starting another blog?

this space is to help me define my life as an artist. i intend to vent, discuss, and digest the process of creation.

my personal life can stay in my journal. this is about my art, and the world of art, writing, photography, and creativity.

i've recently been inspired by the blog of a writer in LA, and this triggered me to begin a new chapter online.

"it's all about balance" :)